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    “I put in a water system after attending the Home and Garden show last spring. Donnie came to my home to discuss my options and set me up with a rented system which has been great. I definitely notice a difference after showering and with the dishes in the dishwasher. Highly recommend Donnie.”

    Karen K.from Yelp

    “Thank you to Donnie at Sunshine Water Softeners! He did an outstanding job explaining how I would benefit from having soft water in my home. I could’t be happier with the installation and the changing of the tank every month. I highly recommend this company, they are excellent!”

    Ken Graham DC from Google

    “Donnie came to my house to set me up with water softener service. What a great guy. Donnie worked around my busy schedule to avoid delays and provided a great customer experience. The end result was a happy customer.
    Thank you Donnie!!!”

    Brandon H. from Yelp

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    Why Sunshine Water Softeners?

    • Sunshine Vs Big Box

      While prices at the big box store may seem attractive, a lower price often means lower quality, shortened lifespan, and higher maintenance expenses.

    • Sunshine Vs Online

      E-Commerce may be a great way to shop for many things, but buying a properly sized water treatment system(s) that addresses the specific issues you have concerns with, and provides company trained installation and service, is virtually impossible.

    • Sunshine Vs National

      National companies spend $millions on National TV commercials, advertising campaigns, and Retail partnerships, and thereby pass the costs on to you, the consumer.

    • Sunshine Versus Plumbers

      They do not offer rentals, purchase only, and they will sell you what they have with no substantive assistance from the sales person. This can lead to incorrectly selecting the proper size or application.

    • Sunshine Versus Salt-Free

      Salt-Free Companies specialize in, you guessed it, salt-free water systems, not water treatment. They will tell you it’s the best way to treat your water because that is all that they offer, not necessarily because it is the right treatment solution for your specific issues or home.

    • Sunshine Versus Single Location

      Mom & Pop shops go in and out of business. Sunshine Water has been around for over 90 years, and will be here when you need them.

    “Donnie and Sunshine Water provide water softening and water filter services to our home. Since using their services, we are extremely pleased with the quality of our water. Prior to receiving their services, the water was very hard and left marks on our patio cement, shower door, plates and glasses. The softened and filtered water improves our showering experience, our dishwasher's performance, and the performance of our coffee brewer and ice maker. We recommend their service to everyone.”

    C.S., 5-Star Yelp Review

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