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Sunshine Water Softeners believes in only the best when it comes to developing and improving water treatment systems in Murrieta, as well as Riverside and San Diego Counties. Sunshine provides reliable support and easy to use Water Softeners, Water Conditioners, Reverse Osmosis, Home Filtration Systems, Salt-Free Systems & much more!

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    Donnie and Sunshine Water provide water softening and water filter services to our home. Since using their services, we are extremely pleased with the quality of our water. Prior to receiving their services, the water was very hard and left marks on our patio cement, shower door, plates and glasses. The softened and filtered water improves our showering experience, our dishwasher's performance, and the performance of our coffee brewer and ice maker. We recommend their service to everyone.


    We met Donnie and the crew at the Home Show in Palm Springs. The desert is notorious for hard water so we decided to give the Boncor's Soft water system a try. Donnie made the process simple and our system was in an hour. All I can say is I will never go without soft water again! The difference is amazing. Thanks to Donnie and Boncor for everything. Customers for life.

    -Steph F

    Donnie came to my house to set me up with water softener service. What a great guy. Donnie worked around my busy schedule to avoid delays and provided a great customer experience. The end result was a happy customer. Thank you Donnie!!!

    - Brandon H.

    I met Donnie at the Palm Springs home show. He answered all my questions and was never pushy. After meeting with him at my house we decided to choose Boncor and have been very happy with our decision! He made the entire process smooth and effortless. Love, love, love having softwater!

    - Justin C.

    Sunshine Water of Murrieta

    Water Softener System – Murrieta, CA

    Sunshine Water of Murrieta has been serving it’s residents for 65 years and won’t stop there. Located in Riverside County, Murrieta is a beautiful place to be with it’s vast hills and wineries. If you’re in need of a water conditioner or softening system, we’ve got you covered. 

    Water softening systems can transform hard water into softened water through a process known as “ion exchange”. Ion exchange is a gentle, yet highly effective method of removing the mineral ions that lend to the level of hardness found in some water. Water softening systems are a highly effective and efficient method of removing hard minerals from hard water that could be affecting your health and home appliances. Our professionals provide the cleanest and healthiest water to Murrieta residents and neighboring communities. Sunshine Water can provide your home or business with a reverse osmosis system or water filter, just give us a call today for more information and our professionals will be on their way.

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