Servicing Riverside and San Diego Counties

Sunshine Portable Exchange Tank Service

Sunshine Tank Exchange Service is a time tested way to have soft water service and/or conditioned water service delivered right to your home. Hassle free with no salt to buy, no maintenance, no drain or electricity necessary. Service ranges from every 7 days to every 56 days depending on what is the best solution for you. Our Exchange Tank service reputation is the best in the Industry!


  • All the benefits of great, Soft Water with Soft Water Service
  • Eliminate bad tastes, odors, & Chlorine with Conditioned Water Service
  • No salt to buy ever, and no maintenance
  • No drain or electricity necessary


  • Soft Water Service and/or Conditioned Water Service
  • Multi-tank applications available if necessary
  • 7, 14, 28 and 56 days delivery schedules to meet your needs
  • Different sized tanks to meet different demands