Servicing Riverside and San Diego Counties


Sunshine Water Softeners & More is a locally operated company. Started in 1955, our systems are NSF approved and meet or exceed all local plumbing codes. We service over 7,000 customers in San Diego and Riverside County. All of our Soft Water Tanks are Stainless Steel, which is cleaner and minimizes the chances of leaks. Many of our competitors still use the older, cheaper galvanized steel tanks which rust, leak and can add unwanted taste to your water.

Being locally operated has many advantages to our customers and the communities we live in. Our Customers are our friends and neighbors. We provide better service at a competitive price and work every day to provide quality service:

  • Sunshine personnel are standing by to help with any and all water treatment applications. You can call our toll free number 1-800-928-3749 or contact us.
  • At Sunshine, we offer a wide range of residential and commercial/industrial solutions.
  • We always employ the "customer first" philosophy that has made the Sunshine Brand the trusted pro for those in the know.

Sunshine has been providing homes, businesses and commercial industries with the highest quality and widest range of water treatment systems. From the highest quality Water Softeners, to state-of–the-art Salt-Free Water Conditioners, to all-in-one Hybrid systems,to high efficiency Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water, to industry leading Tank Exchange Service, to environmentally conscious Bottleless Cooler Service, Sunshine has all your water treatment needs covered. Sunshine products are certified by IAPMO R&T ensuring that we are held to the highest standards of the industry verifying materials safety, structural integrity and system contaminant reduction performance. This allows us to offer our customers the best warranties in the industry.


With Corporate offices located in Southern California, not only does Sunshine offer purchase, rental and financing options, industry leading warranties, and the best customer service and highest quality installation in the water treatment industry, but we also continue to be at the forefront of innovation. In 2017 we introduced the high efficient and best contaminant reduction Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking water system, the SUNSHINE ERADICATOR.

New in 2017, this is the most efficient RO system on the market, saving you water and money all the while protecting you and your family by eliminating over 95% of all water contaminants. Additionally, in 2017 we also launched the SUNSHINE GUARDIAN 1250 with the XTR2 valve. This amazing Hybrid system does it all, softening the water for your entire home AND conditioning the water for your entire home as well, all in one system, and you have the ability to adjust the feel of your water with our hard water blending valve too.

All of us here at Sunshine are extremely proud of our products and services and the fact that we provide a better quality of life through clean, treated water.

Corporate Contact Information

Sunshine Water Softeners & More
245 S Quince St. - Escondido, CA 92025
(800) 928-3749 | (760) 745-8383